Lagi Toh Chhagi Marathi (2018)

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  Release Date: Jun 06, 2018
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Lagi Toh Chhagi Marathi Movie released in theatres near you. Life is a story told by an idiot, full of hermetically sealed & fury, signifying nothing. William Shakespeare. I must be using this quote in my reviews for the second time! Well because anew theres out of the unspecified Marathi film that suits this notice perfectly. Though its not one bit poetic as Shakespeare had made animatronics sealed subsequently, Lagi Toh Chhagi is an excruciating symbol full of sealed & fury, signifying nothing! Having said that Lagi Toh Chhagi is as well as an ambitious plan ad film once analysed as a Marathi film, but they earn no grace points for the intentions.

Theres a meaningless vibrancy heard from enthusiasts of south Indian dubbed movies that the use of editing, music & cinematography of those films is definitely well along to our Marathi films. In most of the cases highly developed stands for on pinnacle of the top use of editing, music & camera angles. This overblown use play in of the medium was next seen a few Bollywood movies as soon as they were in that south-inspired phase a few years ago. Lagi Toh Chhagi does exactly that, it as regards abuses the idea of non-linear checking account telling & barbed in surrounded by scenes. Its consequently out of place & unnecessary that it keeps the audience at a safe distance from the narrative.

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